• Eva Strnadová

Gegen den Hass

Carolin Emcke discusses occidental humanist and democratic values and their defence.

About the Author

Carolin Emcke is a German author and journalist often writing from areas of conflict. As a foreign editor at Spiegel, she travelled to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kosovo and Iraq. Her only publication translated in English is How We Desire: Wie wir begehren (Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag GmbH: 2012).

Well, I do not think it is a civilizational gain if it is allowed to shout, insult and injure unchecked.Carolin Emcke

Against Hate

Emcke takes a clear stance against Donald Trump’s insulting expressions against women, Mexicans, Muslims, black people or Hillary Clinton. Any harassment against refugees, any disrespect of a lifestyle, sexual orientation, origin, skin colour or religion defies the occidental humanist and democratic values.

In her essay, Emcke discusses current key topics: racism, fanaticism and hostility to democracy. In the polarised society, we often tend to doubt and question others, rather than to start with ourselves. Emcke argues democracy can only be achieved with the courage to contradict hatred, the desire to accept plurality and openness to negotiation. According to Emcke, this is a successful approach to counter religious and nationalist fanatics who are against such diversity and plurality.

Book reviewed: Carolin Emcke, Gegen den Hass (FISCHER Taschenbuch: 2018).